Resellers Art Drop Shipping – Questions & Answers

Do I have a picture frame option with the gloss print?

Unfortunately, we do not provide picture frames. Customers have their own ideas when they want to pick a picture frame. However, we offer standard size prints and potential collectors can choose an affordable frame form Hobby Lobby, Walmart and Michaels.

What sizes do you offer?

Both gloss prints and stretched canvas giclees come in 3 sizes:

16″ x 20″
18″ x 24″
24″ x 30″

Due to the size of the original painting, you will notice there are different sizes available with each print in the art store.

How much discount do you offer to resellers?

You get 50% off all products on our site. As you have noticed there are prices visible before you become a reseller. These are suggested retail prices.

How do we monitor your stock levels?

We print on demand and will never run out of stock. Therefore, you can sell as many as you like!